Why a Consensus Conference on Radiotherapy and Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction before or after Radiotherapy still represents a challenge for both surgeons and radiotherapists. Several studies investigated this topic and many debated issues about the best method or the best timing for recontruction arised, at the moment still remaining without shared conclusions.

During the last day of the meeting a group of Key Opinion Leader from all over the world and from different backgrounds (plastic surgeons, surgical oncologists and radiotherapists) will debate this topic with active interaction with the conference attendees aiming to reach a common and shared consensus about the best decision making when dealing with breast reconstruction in women who underwent or will undergo radiotherapy to treat their breast cancer.
KOLs will discuss several keypoints trying to help surgeons and radiotherapists reducing complications and offering more stable and better results to our patients undergoing breast reconstruction before or after radiotherapy.

We will deal with problems related to implants, both two-stage and DTI reconstructions and autologous tissues. We will discuss about the impact of reconstruction on the radiotherapic dose distribution and the best timing for a good reconstructive procedure in patients who underwent or will undergo radiotherapy.

At the end of the day the evidences deriving from the discussion of the keypoints will lead to some final shared key statements that will be published in a consensus paper.
I suggest that all the surgeons and radiotherapists do not miss this important day that will be a great opportunity for everyone, me first, to learn how to play in the hard court of breast reconstruction and radiotherapy, learning something more about Evidence-Based Medicine and understanding how to take part to a scientific journey like a Consensus Conference is.

In order to have more information you can read the following attached articles:

  • Comparing Health Care Resource.
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  • Preoperative Radiotherapy Is Not Associated with Increased Post-mastectomy Short-term Morbidity: Analysis of 77,902 Patients.
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  • Should Immediate Autologous Breast Reconstruction Be Considered in Women Who Require Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy? A Prospective Analysis of Outcomes.
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  • Multivariate Preoperative and Intraoperative Predictors of Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy in Patients for Whom Immediate Breast Reconstruction Is Planned.
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These themes and other more will be deepened during the Congress to be held in Milan from 13rd to 16th December 2017. 
For more information please visit the Website Congress.MaurizioNava.it

I’m waiting for you, I need your active participation: be the actor of your own profession!

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