Cosmetic Procedures for the Oncologic Patient: Onco-Aesthetics.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a great impact that faces patients with mortality and desperation. This situation affects emotionally, mentally and physically.
Women under this circumstances feel that they stop being women, that the inside doesn’t match the outside.
We have being trained as surgeons that we can help this women with Oncoplastic procedures to reduce the knock down of reconstructive breast surgery.
Is this enough for a woman who will face surgery, chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, radiotherapy?
Oncoaesthetic concept embraces not only reconstructive breast surgery but the common worries this patients will face, as hair, eyelashes and eyebrows loss, skin damage, nail damage, weight changes etc.

The plastic and reconstructive surgeon can add valuable tools today to the armamentarium of oncological care in the palliative situation as well as importantly impact the cancer patient’s quality of life.

We can efficiently help our patients with professional advice and treatment with a complete sight of the problematic they are facing.

Botulinum toxin, HA, Scalp cooling, skin care can help giving them their image back
We must not think our patients as aesthetics or reconstructive, really, there is little distinction between them.
Offering cosmetic procedures to your patients will make a significant impact on pycho-social and well-being
Is the cancer the only concern of a diagnosed patient, and their appearance secondary? It is not always the case.
It is important to look well in order to feel well, mentally and emotionally.
With the tools we have today we can be ahead of patient’s worries of tomorrow.
When is the best moment? What kind of treatments? Are they safe in an oncologic patient?

Key opinion leaders from all over the globe, coming from different backgrounds (medical oncologists, dermatologists, surgical oncologists, radiotherapists) will answer these and many other questions during the dedicated session on “Onco-Aesthetics”.

This is an opportunity to improve your decision making skills in oncologic patients who will face chemo-radiotherapy, you could not miss.
We want you to actively contribute to the question and answer time at the end of the session to make a clear picture of the actual evidences about the impact of neoadjuvant treatments on surgical strategies.

This important theme and other arguments during the next edition of MBN 2017.  For more information please visit the Website

Late Registration Expires on 20th November 2017

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Alberto Rancati MD PhD

Plastic Surgeon.
Universidad Nacional de La Plata – Argentina.